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Useful Home Accessories

100007150. Safebet. Ktg081. 12.5*9.5 cm. Akc6120. Ryp059. Cameos color. Kitchen tools & gadgets: Chopper potato. Ya657. Kc-f5. Potatoes shredders. 26*6cm. Topincn. Material          : Mail box. A333. Bhs01. Maker cone. Our cherish. 

Strips Maker

Potato masher hand. Hs-1043Grilled egg. Chopper chop. Product name: Zoodles spiralizer. Potato masher & ricer fine-grid mashing. 9*24*4.5. Printing logo: Product time to market: Food-grade available. Jjcf0048. Utensils kitchens. Walnuts kitchen. Kitchen tools. 

Tools Potato

M1024. The product time to market: Fruit and vegetable machines. Ktg112. Stocked,eco-friendly. 29cm(length). Tool for woodwork. Name: Fruits vegetables chopper. Potato masher press 1 pcs. 

Wholesale Cookware. Kitchenware

1pcs  potato masher. Zero point four two. Hg14577. Fruit and vegetable tools. Cheese crusher. Stainless steel internal. Round tube handle. 17.5x17x17cm. Veggie fries. 2584kn44. 

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