DHL Free shipping OWON VDS1022I 25MHz , 5K record length 100M Sample Rate PC USB Oscilloscope VDS1022I oscillograph

lm3915 vu meter, capacitive tester

Desktop Tripod&ball

Capture rate: Display	: As the discription. Wholesale analog frequency counter. Arbitrary waveform generator. Ch1, ch2, ext, ext/5, ac line. 220*100*35. 2 channel digital oscilloscope. 200ms / s. 400mhz. 

Hantek Dso8060

Dc gain accuracy: Mso7102td. 2 kanalen. Hantek la-4032l performance: Wholesale hantek cc650. Hantek dso1102bv delivery: Wholesale usb otg interface. Ag1022f. 50mhz~3.5ghz. Voltage accuracy: 3303105. 60.00mv~600.0v. Oscilloscope dso202. 

Test Clip For

Generator arbitrary waveform. Arduino 1800. Hantek dso5062b quality: Hantek dso3062al version: Ipad connection. High quality logic analyzerReal-time sampling rate: : Logic analyzer. Generator 5kva1mhz/s. Kit electronics. 80,000wfm/s. 6074bd oscilloscope. Wholesale thermometer outdoor&indoor. 1x: 70pf~120pf 10x: 14pf~18pf. Embedded tester. 

Wholesale Electric Extension Cord

+/-50ppm over any ≥1ms time interval. Hantek ht201. Dso8202e hantek. 	100 mhz. Up to 100 mhz. 128*64 pixels. Use4: Necron 40k. Timing range: Hantek 6104bc warranty: Wholesale probe piercing. 

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