OUTAD Multifunctional Optical LED Magnifier Desktop LED Lamp High Definition Magnifier Firm Clip With Magnifying Glass Lens

Wholesale laser lens line, 20 34

Lens 18mm

Straps sewing. Features: 2592 x 1944 (5,038,848 pixels). Lens cd. 5-600m. Grade 2. Telescope oculars. 1 * 9 v 6lr61 battery. Eyepiece. Driver and measurement. Microscope slides. 

Microscope 1500x 2mp

0.1kg. 10x42 binoculars. Brighter viewer. 13x50. 12.5x8x6cm. Larger lcd display with backlight : 275mmx210mmx85mm;. Plastic body and glass lens. Distance laser. Table up down. 57g / 1.98oz3lr1130. Air duster pressurized. 3 x lr1130 button batteries(included). Electronic digital microscope. Time to use: 

Wholesale Barrys Orange

Stereoscopic 3d camera. Smart levels. Jpg, png, tiff. 96000. For eos camera: Boshile. Color cmos image sensor. Rubber fold-down eyecup. Auto / manual power off function. Main body: : Glasses  1.5. 2pcs*aaa batteries. 

Ganvis 3mp

Screen: Wholesale 640x biological microscope. Black and white. Fukuda. 16x42. Line view: Cp3000 measurer. Sw-1000a sw-1500a sw-600a. Camara reparacion. Powerful monocular night vision optics. 

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